Patrick and Bo totally geek out over the new Pokemon teaser, discuss a leaked marketing budget from Nintendo, and clues into what the NX might be.

Bethesda’s Dicey Lumberyard Bromance

Did you miss us?

Patrick and Bo take a stab at covering the Game and Tech industry stories from last week, where the absence of a former Name Not Final co-host echos in the distance. (DUDE!)

CES Part 2: Revenge of the Crap

The boys were out and about at CES 2016 to shift through all the drones, Chinese knockoffs, drones, Curved 3d 8k TVs, and more drones, so you don’t have to.

CES Part 1: Name Not Final Live from CES 2016

The bad news: our flights were delayed and we got a late start to CES. The good news – all the news outlets have already covered all the latest and greatest gadgets. That’s okay, we’re…

Falling Out of Touch

Join Kroze, Patrick and Bo as they discuss last week’s news from the gaming, entertainment, and tech industries.  Be sure to catch Name Not Final live – Saturday nights at 10pm Pacific / Midnight Central…

The Pretty Convention Princess

  Name Not Final is a weekly radio show and podcast which takes a look gaming, tech, and geek pop culture from an insider perspective. Join Kroze, Chris Boren (Bo) and Patrick Godwin as they pull…

An Apple a day keeps The Duke at bay

  Jon St. John (Duke Nukem, Bombshell) brings quite a bit of class to this week’s show with Patrick and Kroze. Bo shows up late to the party, and Apple releases a new phone… which…


  This week on Name Not Final we take a moment to remember and reflect upon the life of Satoru Iwata, former president and CEO of Nintendo, along with his many many contributions to the…