Is it time for pi?

  Listen as Kroze, Bo and Patrick cover this week’s tech, gaming, and geek news… who are we kidding? Apple apple apple, Apple Watch, apple apple apple apple!

We Are VR!

  The three troopers of Name Not Final – Kroze, Patrick and Bo – return this week to talk about the latest tech, gaming, and geek news. This week we take a look at HTC…

Fifty Shames of Kroze

Patrick and Bo drew straws to see who would spend time with Kroze on Valentine’s day… guess who lost. Our special ‘fifty shames’ episode with Kroze and Patrick is now available for streaming or download.

The Legend of Netflix

Patrick, Bo, and yes.. even Kroze return to bring you the the past week’s geeky news wrap up, including Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, Netflix’s Daredevil & Zelda series’, Star Wars release date…

Smashing Apples

Sam from Omni Expo fills in for Patrick, joining Bo and Kroze as they talk about the upcoming Smash Brothers (and some other fruit-related things, but mostly Smash Bros.). Kroze pun count: 16 Topics from…

Cheesy Business NARF!

If you’ve never listened to Name Not Final… this is probably a good episode start, as Pinky from Pinky and the Brain (Rob Paulsen) literally crashes our show. Kroze’s Pun Count – 4 NARF Count…

Green Zelda

Kroze, Patrick and Bo discuss this past week’s gaming and technology topics. Microsoft DeLorian THE TICK RETURNS!!! Amazon buys twitch THE TICK IS RETURNING!!!! Angry Birds Transformers & CEO Stepping Down SPOON! The largest hurdle…

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Summer Vacation

We’re going to be taking a small break from our weekly show, and will return on July 5th. This may or may not have to do with Valve, Steam, summer, or our wallets.